🔒 Privacy

_Accessibility to information by a third party. That's our top priority!

  • Server is rented by you, belongs only to you
  • No telemetry, cookies, logs, licenses, moderation, user agreements, tracking etc.
  • All connections to the server are securely encrypted
  • VPN

🗓️ How else will we increase privacy?

  • Encrypting data on the server
  • Installing SelfPrivacy Server on an iron PC (intel nuc / rpi4)
  • DNS-resolver
  • Private Server-to-Server Interoperability Transport (yaggdrasil)
  • Backup to Decentralized Storage (Tahoe-LAFS or NextCloud p2p)

⚠️ Restrictions

The virtual server is not exclusively private. The service provider technically has access to the memory and disk of your server. A virtual server is much more private than a centralized public service!

🗓️ We are working on making SelfPrivacy Server possible to install on your server at home

Privacy explanation