Our mission is humanitarian - to realize the right to privacy and confidentiality of anyone who wants it.

We are not involved in politics, we do not support or belong to political parties, we do not condemn anyone, and we do not participate in conflicts.

Privacy Policy

The mobile app is completely autonomous, it does not download any data from websites, does not contain any trackers, and interacts only with your server.

The server communicates with your NixOS infrastructure

The recommended client applications interact only with your server. Exceptions:

  • Delta.Chat when using geolocation publishing forced use mapbox
  • There are questions about bitwarden mobile app. It seems there are tracker libs, but the traffic has not analyzed yet, maybe not active.

Our web-resources

You leave a lot of your data when you visit any site. At a minimum, IP, at a maximum, all kinds of tracking data. We do not use tracking in any form, on any of our public services. But we aggregate access-logging to understand how many users we have and from what country. All visitor IPs are stored as subnets (x.x.x.0) and may not uniquely identify you. But we recommend to use means of traffic anonymization, as we do not guarantee that our server provider does not collect meta-information.