Important for registering with services, receiving notifications, and as a server for Delta.Chat. Tutanota and Protonmail do not support third-party email clients and Delta.Chat (no IMAP).

Typical data leaks when using third-party servers

  1. IP once per minute. Helps determine your location: at home, away from home, at work.
  2. Contents of your messages: what services you are registered on, bank and medical statements and more.
  3. Meta-information: with whom and when you communicate, even if you use encryption.

Alias to addresses.

Messages for user+alias@domain.com will come to user@domain.com.

Filter directories

The message for user-dir@domain.com will create a dir directory in the user@domain.com mailbox. All mail for user-dir@domain.com will arrive in the dir directory.

Web interface

It may seem undeveloped or outdated to some. But it has the advantage of simplicity and small amount of code and bugs, which increases [security.md] and [privacy.md]. But it is better to use email clients and disable the web interface in SelfPrivacy App. This will reduce the attack surface and the risks of hacking.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • FairEmail (Android)
  • ? (iOS)
  • ? (PinePhone)


  • Email over 50 years old. In IT, it's a sign of technology maturity and reliability.
  • Email, the most popular way to get infected with viruses, after installing them yourself with unlicensed software and cracks.
  • Beware of phishing, it can rob you of your savings and control over your digital life.
  • Create filter directories for different purposes. This will help protect against phishing and cluttering your inbox. Examples:
    • user-w@domain.com - for registering with web services
    • User-shops` - for web-stores
    • user-pay - payment systems
    • User-forum` - forum notifications
  • Use aliases for questionable services or one-time needs, such as user+tmp@domain.com. By aliases convenient to filter and mass delete mails. It is also convenient to find out exactly where your mail was leaked from.